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Main things to be considered while choosing the Hosting:
  • Uptime
  • Support
  • Reliability
  • Price
  • Hosting Features
These four things are most basic things which every hosting company should give, let me explain them all in details.
  • #1 Uptime:

If you need to grow your business online then you surely need to keep your site online 24/7/365 without a single break, for this you need your site to be online, which is only possible if you host provider has good uptime. You must choose the host with uptime nearly upto 100%. Hosting companies usually say 99.9% because there is a chance of getting some problem.

  • #2 Support

On early stages you will not consider it as important matter, but this is really a crucial thing while choosing hosting company, because problem is always following you and once you get stucked you need help from your provider, and if they don’t have good support that means you are unable to sort your problem, better choose the company which have online support atleast 7 hours day.

Some time we need technical support as well, which a small hosting companies are unable to provide, to better find some professional people to host your sites.

Most of the blogs in the world were currently using WordPress Platform, so we need to be careful while choosing a platform oriented hosting company. HostUCan is one such a Hosting Provider which provides you ultimate WordPress Hosting.

  • Reliability

For sure your business will grow gradually and may be in near future you need to upgrade your plan or need to transfer, so make sure before buying that you can easily upgrade your hosting plan or you can easily move to new place. Also keep in mind the price of next plan you may need in future.

  • Price

One of the most important part, many hosting companies gives you cheap rate, but then you will surely need to compromise in services then, so don’t go with that, choose the one those who give quality over quantity. You can use many online tools to compare prices and find best plan for you, and make sure you are getting best price and service.

  • Hosting Features

Make sure that hosting company is offering all latest tools like cPanel, Softaculous etc. So that you easily do your online tasks.

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